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Weifang Xinda Electric Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of induction heating equipment. Our company specializes in the production of traditional KGPS series silicon controlled parallel harmonic medium frequency furnace, GT series silicon controlled series harmonic medium frequency furnace, high-grade IGBT Series Module medium frequency furnace...

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Xinda electric stove is your safe choice!

  • Inside of 800KW SCR series resonant if power supply
  • 1000kwkgps12 pulse SCR IF power supply
  • Inside of 800KW triple voltage silicon controlled energy-saving power supply
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Xinda electric stove is your safe choice!

  • modern techniques

    modern techniques

    The control technology of IGBT module if...

  • Thoughtful service

    Thoughtful service

    Capable after-sales service personnel...

  • High reliability

    High reliability

    The whole machine is controlled by...

  • Convenient maintenance

    Convenient maintenance

    The maintenance is convenient because of...

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Xinda electric stove is your safe choice!


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