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Weifang Xinda Electric Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of induction heating equipment. Our company specializes in the production of traditional KGPS series silicon controlled parallel harmonic medium frequency furnace, GT series silicon controlled series harmonic medium frequency furnace, high-grade IGBT Series Module medium frequency furnace, electromagnetic induction melting aluminum (copper) furnace, medium and high frequency induction quenching furnace, medium frequency tempering production line, closed internal circulation cooling tower, industrial furnace, quenching machine tool and other equipment.

According to the inspection of the national electric furnace quality supervision and inspection center, the electric power consumption per ton of molten iron can be as low as 519 degrees, and the electric power consumption per ton of steel can be as low as 541 degrees. In any case, the power factor is always ≥ 0.96. The comprehensive result is better than the national first-class standard.

The IGBT module medium frequency furnace produced by Xinda company has won the gold medal of the national "new technology and new products" Expo. The product has faster melting speed, higher production efficiency, lower power consumption, higher reliability and lower failure rate. The product is welcomed and trusted by users.

The product is the image of the enterprise, the quality is the credit of the enterprise. Xinda Electric Stove adheres to the business philosophy of "credit is the foundation and brilliance is the common". It adheres to the quality principle of "insisting on scientific innovation as the guide, offering high-quality products, starting from the interests of customers and constantly meeting the needs of customers". Warmly welcome new and old customers from all over the world to visit and negotiate!

Weifang Xinda Electric Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd