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The importance of medium frequency electric furnace equipment

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The importance of medium frequency electric furnace equipment


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The medium frequency electric furnace equipment solidifies the quartz sand dry shock material we added, and forms a 2-4cm ceramic surface, which is the sintering layer we call. For quartz sand material, it is the cristobalite phase. The ceramic surface of this layer will directly contact the molten iron, and its purpose is to prevent the molten iron from infiltrating into the furnace lining and resist the damage caused by the impact of the furnace charge on the furnace lining during charging operation.

1. The function of the temperature sensing line in the medium frequency electric furnace is very important in the sintering work. In order to understand the temperature in the furnace clearly, we will connect 2-3 temperature measuring points at the bottom and the middle in advance, and carry out our sintering process according to the detected temperature.

2. The first batch of charge for lining sintering of medium frequency electric furnace equipment should be added to the first batch of charge before the sintering process. We should give priority to the chemical composition of its material, because the main material of our quartz sand lining is silicon oxide. From the perspective of thermodynamics, C and Si need a balance ratio at a certain temperature. The higher the temperature of molten iron, the higher the C content In addition, the Si content of molten iron needs to be higher, because we need a 1580-1600 degree holding period in the lining sintering process, during which if the liquid iron has a high C content and the Si content does not reach the required balance ratio, then the molten iron will accelerate to draw silicon from the lining to balance this ratio, resulting in premature erosion and thinning of the lining, affecting its service life.

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