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The reason why the power of medium frequency induction furnace can not go up

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The reason why the power of medium frequency induction furnace can not go up


Electrothermal capacitor

If electric furnace equipment in the use process will encounter such a problem, the most troubling thing for users is about the power of if electric furnace equipment, what causes this situation? Next Weifang Xinda Electric Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd. will share with you, hoping to help you.

First of all, the facility office is normal, but the power cannot go up. In case of this phenomenon, first of all, check whether the energy-saving intermediate frequency electric furnace facility office is normal. In terms of power, do not explain and understand that the commissioning of various parameters of the facility is not appropriate. The main reasons that affect the power of the intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment and facilities are as follows:

If voltage of energy-saving IF furnace is adjusted too high and too low, which affects power output.

The rectifier is not adjusted properly, the rectifier is not connected, and the DC voltage does not reach the rated value, which affects the power output.

The furnace body and the power supply do not form a set, which seriously affects the power output.

Too much or too little arrangement of the equipment of the recovery capacitor can not get the best power output of the electric rate and the thermal rate, that is, the best economic power output can not be obtained.

The cut-off value and cut-off pressure are not adjusted properly, and the power output is required to be low.

If the distributed inductance of the output circuit of the energy-saving medium frequency electric furnace matches properly and the inductance is too large, the power output will also be affected.


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