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What should be paid attention to in the safe operation of medium frequency electric furnace

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What should be paid attention to in the safe operation of medium frequency electric furnace


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Life is the most important thing in the world. Nothing is more important than living. Nothing is more valuable than our health. Money can buy expensive medicine, but there are many times it can't save a living life. So we should pay attention to our life safety, whether at work or at home Today, if electric furnace equipment manufacturers talk about the safe operation of if electric furnace.

1. Precautions before opening the furnace.

The electric equipment, water cooling system, inductor copper pipe, etc. of the energy-saving medium frequency electric furnace shall be inspected before opening. The furnace can be opened only when these equipment are in good condition to ensure the safety of heat treatment. Otherwise, it is forbidden to open the furnace. The personnel specially responsible for power transmission and opening the furnace shall be determined, and the personnel in charge shall not leave the post without permission. During the work, the outside of the inductor and crucible shall be checked The situation shall be monitored to prevent someone touching the sensor and cable after power transmission, affecting the normal operation of the energy-saving medium frequency electric furnace or causing safety accidents.

2. Precautions after opening.

After the opening of energy-saving medium frequency electric furnace, when charging, the furnace charge shall be checked to avoid mixing with inflammable, explosive and other harmful substances. In order to prevent the phenomenon of capping, it is strictly prohibited to directly add cold and wet materials into the molten steel, and not to add bulky materials after the molten liquid is filled to the upper part; in order to avoid explosion accidents, it is necessary to ensure that the pouring site and the pit in front of the furnace are free of water and obstacles; while in the process of pouring, it is necessary to cooperate with two people, and the remaining molten steel can only be poured in the designated place, not in the designated place Fall everywhere.

3. Precautions for maintenance.

During the maintenance of if electric furnace equipment, keep the if generator room clean and prohibit the stacking of inflammable and explosive materials. The furnace with excessive melting loss shall be repaired in time. During furnace repair, iron chips and iron oxide shall not be mixed to ensure the compactness of the crucible.

Too many mechanical failures are caused by improper mechanical operation, which is critical to life. However, many operators feel that they have been working for many years, and their requirements on safety will be relaxed a lot, but when the danger comes, they will not be merciful, and your momentary mistake may make you die, separated from your family by Yin and Yang.

The above is the medium frequency electric furnace equipment manufacturers here also remind everyone that safety is not afraid of trouble, which is responsible for their own lives, but also for their own families.


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