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1T aluminum shell furnace1

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1T aluminum shell furnace1

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  • Release date: 2019-11-30
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1T aluminum shell furnace

Medium frequency aluminum shell furnace body is composed of aluminum shell, induction coil, furnace lining, tilting furnace reducer and other four main parts. The induction coil is made of 3mm-6mm rectangular hollow copper into a spiral cylinder, which is filled with cooling water during smelting. The coil leads out the copper bar and is connected with the water-cooled cable. The furnace lining is close to the induction coil and is made of quartz sand by compaction and sintering. The tilting of the furnace body is directly driven by the tilting furnace reducer. The two-stage worm gear of the tilting furnace reducer has good speed change and self-locking performance, and is stable and reliable when rotating.


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