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Inside of 800KW SCR series resonant if power supply

Inside of 800KW SCR series resonant if power supply

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  • Classification: KGPS series resonant energy-saving medium frequency power supply
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  • Release date: 2019-11-30
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Inside of 800KW SCR series resonant if power supply

KGPS series resonance energy saving medium frequency melting furnace

Thyristor series resonant furnace is the latest generation of energy-saving and environmental protection electric furnace, which is composed of advanced digital integrated circuit and high-quality electrical components at home and abroad. Operation is simple, protection function is complete, constant power regulation, energy saving effect is obvious, the lowest power consumption per ton of molten iron is 560 degrees, energy saving effect is second only to IGBT furnace, safe and reliable use, which is the best choice for furnace users.

Technical advantages of KGPS series resonance medium frequency melting furnace:

Advanced technology: with the most advanced technology in the world, it has many advantages.

Power saving: 10% - 20% less than ordinary KGPS melting furnace.

Stable operation and strong adaptability: controlled by thyristor, it has perfect over-voltage, over-current, under voltage, phase loss, water shortage and other protection functions, reduces the damage rate of equipment accessories, and has low environmental requirements.

Simple maintenance: SCR control, low cost of components, so simple maintenance, low cost.

Harmonic up to standard: through technical design, harmonic pollution up to national standards.


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