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Application site of 5t steel shell furnace with cyclone dust removal

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Application site of 5t steel shell furnace with cyclone dust removal

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Application site of 5t steel shell furnace with cyclone dust removal

Compared with the aluminum alloy furnace, the steel shell medium frequency electric furnace has the following advantages. Therefore, the steel shell furnace should be selected as far as possible when conditions permit:

1) it has high comprehensive mechanical properties and is suitable for the manufacture of large tonnage smelting furnace.

2) because the yoke reduces magnetic leakage and the permeability of silicon steel sheet can enhance the magnetic field strength, the energy-saving effect of steel shell furnace is significant. Smelting saves 10% power.

3) the inductor has a magnetic yoke with radial direction accounting for 60% of the total area, which is stable, improves the rigidity and strength of the inductor, and prevents the crucible crack caused by the force change and thermal change of the inductor and the furnace leakage accident.

4) the height of tap hole is consistent, which is convenient for water pouring operation.

To sum up, the energy-saving methods of medium frequency electric furnace are as follows:

1) adopt high configuration to reduce the equivalent resistance; adopt high incoming line voltage technology to reduce the current, so as to reduce the loss in the process of converting electric energy into heat energy.

2) select steel shell furnace with magnetic yoke to reduce magnetic leakage.

3) increase the power density, increase the operation frequency appropriately, and adopt a new type of digital chip type constant power control circuit to achieve the purpose of rapid smelting and reduce heat loss.


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